The Journey Begins

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to our new blogging site!

Kidney Cancer Bloggers is an extension to the Kidney Cancer Support Network and has been setup as a separate site to enable patients, carers, survivors and clinicians to share their thoughts and experiences with others.

The blog site will be moderated by the Kidney Cancer Support Network team. Anybody wishing to be a contributor should contact the team. Of course all are welcome to add comments to the blogs, however bear in mind that these will also be moderated.

I used to blog about my kidney cancer experience on a fairly regular basis as it was a good therapy for me and a way of getting some of my fears off my chest, and also a great way to promote some of the fundraising events.  If you want to see my journey then you can see my blogging profile over on the right hand menu.

As a Kidney Cancer survivor I count myself lucky that, (fingers crossed), after just over 10 years I’m still cancer free.

So here I am again using this new site 10 years on!

The team at Kidney Cancer Support Network do such amazing work for everyone that I hope this blogging site becomes another portal to promote and share their work and effort and to give others the same opportunities I was given when I was diagnosed and treated all those years ago.

My next series of blogs will likely be about the cycle ride event we’re looking to put on next year for KCSN (and hopefully raise some much needed money!!) ……. more on that soon.  If you enjoy a good cycle or know of others looking for a bit of a challenge then please let me or the team know.

Thanks for reading!!

The First ever global Kidney Cancer Patient Survey

I love things like this.

Cancer has no borders and Cancer doesn’t recognise different national health systems !

So as a Kidney Cancer survivor I was delighted  to see that the IKCC have started a global survey for Kidney Cancer patients.  What a great initiative.

As you’d expect the team at Kidney Cancer Support Network are fully behind it and I cant wait to see that the outcome will be.

Please take the opportunity to fill the survey in, it doesn’t take long,  and it’s things like this that push awareness and new treatments.

Thank you again IKCC!